Water Damage & Extractions

Water Damage - Kansas City MO | Certified Water & Mold Restoration - water_damage_3Mitigate Water Damage Losses

Sudden and accidental water damage is the most common restoration emergency that may be experienced by a homeowner. Using a knowledgeable and professional IICRC Certified Firm to mitigate the loss is essential when water damage occurs. Without professional attention, additional and extensive damage can occur to your structure and contents as time elapses.

Assessing the SituationWater Damage - Kansas City MO | Certified Water & Mold Restoration - Water_Pix_Nov_10_Aug_11_1000

Certified Water & Mold Restoration LLC’s technicians will assess your water damage situation and determine a course of action when water removal and structural drying is needed in the Kansas City and Springfield, MO regions. Water is extracted using industry-approved equipment to minimize the exposure of your building and contents to moisture. State-of-the-art drying equipment is then utilized according to industry approved standards. Our primary goal is to salvage as much property as possible; however, unsalvageable property is removed and discarded.
Dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and turbo air movers are strategically placed to maximize airflow and control humidity levels. Specialized equipment is utilized to dry hardwood flooring and wall/cabinet cavities. Without these powerful tools, moisture can remain trapped, causing further damage including mold growth.water damage cleanup Kansas City MO

Water Damage - Kansas City MO | Certified Water & Mold Restoration - Water_Pix_Nov_10_Aug_11_783Taking the Proper Precautions

Precautions are taken to protect the contents and furniture. Contents are moved to dry locations and occasionally taken off-site for cleaning and restoration. Furniture is moved and reset on styrofoam blocks to prevent further damage.
Our technicians will monitor moisture levels daily using moisture analysis devices to verify that your home or business is drying in a timely manner. Once moisture levels have been reduced to normal levels, the drying equipment is removed, and reconstruction can commence. We also pinpoint areas of your home more prone to flood damage, including flooded basements and water in basements.

Water Damage - Kansas City MO | Certified Water & Mold Restoration - ice-dammingIce Dam Removal Services

Ice dams form at the edge of your roof, preventing snow that has accumulated over the winter from melting off of your home. This results in water seeping into your roof and also causing damage to the inside of your home. Your insulation, ceilings, walls, floors and more could fall victim to this damage, costing potentially thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. If you expect that your home is having ice dam issues, Certified Water & Mold Restoration LLC can help before the damage escalates! 

To break up the ice without damaging your roof, we dissolve it with a calcium chloride solution. This allows the ice to quickly melt and for the water to flow off of your home freely. This method is safe for the wellbeing of your roof and is effective at removing any harmful ice from further jeopardizing your home! 

Water Damage - Kansas City MO | Certified Water & Mold Restoration - burst-pipeFrozen or Burst Pipe Cleanup 

When the weather gets cold in Kansas, water in your pipes can freeze, causing them to become blocked. When frozen water builds up pressure behind it, a block is the least of your problems! Pipes at this stage will burst open and cause large-scale property damage, not to mention expensive repair costs. If you have a burst pipe or suspect your pipes to be frozen, contact Certified Water & Mold Restoration LLC at the first signs of blockage. We quickly arrive on site to make immediate repairs and save your home from water damage. Our team offers 24/7 emergency services, so no matter what time of day, we will be at your home before your frozen or burst pipe problem gets worse. 

Why Choose Certified Water & Mold Restoration LLC? 

Our team is family-owned and operated with over 50 years of combined construction experience. We have extensive knowledge of Kansas’ homes and their plumbing systems. Our water damage restoration services are available 24/7 and we typically can have a crew dispatched to your home in an hour or less. We’re an IICRC-certified firm and use this skill to assess your home’s unique plumbing situation. Customer service is our top priority and we are committed to ensuring that your home’s pipes are safely repaired, whether they are blocked, frozen or burst. Don’t trust your home’s plumbing with just anyone; choose our experienced team of construction and plumbing experts! 

Please contact Certified Water & Mold Restoration LLC today to begin your emergency water extraction.

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