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Water Leak Detection Services in Overland Park KS

Water Leak Detection Services Overland Park KS

Certified Water and Mold Restoration LLC

We are a family-owned Overland Park area water damage mitigation and mold remediation company in business since 2011. Our services include water extraction, structural drying, mold inspection, mold remediation, mold testing, drywall repair, painting, and trim carpentry. Our staff has over 50 years of experience in construction, water restoration, and mold removal. Certified Water & Mold Restoration LLC is an IICRC Certified Firm and Angie’s List Super Service Award winner.
water leak detection services in overland park ks
Water leak detection services are utilized to help identify and repair hidden water leaks. Trained technicians use specialized detection equipment to locate the source of water pipes and other hidden water leaks. Repairs are then performed to fix the issue and minimize damage to the property. Water leak detection services can save both time and money while also helping to keep the environment safe from water waste.
industry trusted leak detection experts

Industry-Trusted Leak Detection Experts

Certified Water and Mold Restoration LLC in Overland Park Leak Detection service assists municipalities, utilities, and industrial facilities in detecting and responding to water supply and fire protection system leaks, ensuring the safety of domestic water distribution networks and the effective functioning of these systems.
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) can be used to detect severe leaks underground quickly and precisely. This technology enables professionals to identify erosive soil, create voids, and assess the integrity of buildings in Overland Park without the presence of any water on the surface. GPRS can be used to pinpoint known issues when they arise or to scan for leaks in residential water supplies or fire systems for municipalities and other establishments.
Water loss is a common issue, with estimates pointing to a collective loss of more than two trillion gallons of water due to leaks in our infrastructure. This figure, equivalent to submerging Manhattan 300 feet deep, calls for immediate attention. Techniques like leak detection and routine water loss inspections can help reduce this loss.
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Certified Water and Mold Restoration LLC in Overland Park offers comprehensive leak detection services for municipal, industrial, and residential properties. Our trained and certified Leak Detection Specialists in Overland Park have the latest technology and techniques to find any water leak quickly and accurately. We also provide valuable insights to help identify potential problems, improve efficiency, and maximize savings. Whether it’s a simple water line break or a complicated industrial pipe system, GPRS is equipped to locate and repair any type of leak.

How Are Leaks Detected?

Water leaks in Overland Park can be detected by listening to the sound of running water, checking for water spots on walls and ceilings, inspecting pipes or other fixtures for signs of corrosion or water damage in Overland Park, and checking the water meter for spikes in usage. There are also special devices that can be purchased which detect the presence of water in areas that are not easily seen, such as behind appliances or in floorboards.

Certified Water and Mold Restoration uses two primary technologies for our Leak Detection services:

1. Acoustic Leak Detection: This method uses listening devices to detect the sound of a leak. This is typically used for water leaks that originate from pipes and is most effective when the sound of the leak carries through the air.
Acoustic leak detection involves using specialized ground microphones to listen for the distinctive sound of escaping water from subsurface pipelines. Our trained Leak Detection Specialists in Overland Park have been trained to be able to identify leaks from particular sounds and frequencies.
It is important to consider the type of material used to make the pipes when it comes to acoustic leak detection, as metal pipes, such as those made of cast iron/ductile mains, smaller copper service lines, and steel, can transmit water leak sounds over greater distances than other materials, such as PVC and asbestos-cement.
Additionally, the size of the pipes also affects how much sound they transmit: smaller diameter pipes are more likely to project higher frequency sounds than large diameter pipes.
2. Thermal Imaging: This method uses a camera to detect the temperature difference between the ground and a suspected leak. This is usually utilized for oil and gas leaks and is better suited for underground or hard-to-access locations.
We use Leak Detection Services in Overland Park to identify leaks quickly and accurately in water lines and pipes. The sensors placed on each side of the pipe communicate data back and forth, which is processed in the correlator's main control unit. A specialized algorithm then determines where the leak is in relation to each sensor. Our Leak Detection Specialists then use this data to pinpoint the leaks using acoustic leak detection equipment.

Valve Exercising

Certified Water and Mold Restoration LLC’s Exercising program helps protect public safety by ensuring that water valves are functioning properly, providing accurate information for detecting leaks and preventing service disruptions. The data collected during the program is then used to proactively monitor valve performance over time to make sure that valves are running smoothly and efficiently. With regular maintenance, water systems can enjoy greater reliability and better performance.

Routine Water Loss Inspection

By scheduling a routine water loss inspection, businesses in Overland Park can potentially save thousands of dollars in lost revenue that would otherwise be wasted. The inspection will include using specialized technology to locate water leaks, checking for irregularities in water pressure or flow levels, inspecting pipes for signs of corrosion or damage, reviewing readings from pressure and other valves, and creating updated water infrastructure maps. Not only will these inspections save businesses substantial amounts of money they would have otherwise wasted, but they can also limit non- revenue water and prevent further property damage.
Regular leak detection inspections in Overland Park are essential for avoiding the costs, subpar water performance, environmental damage, and property damage resulting from water loss. Performing regular inspections allows businesses and municipalities to identify and address water loss issues before they become acute, preventing the costly and irrecoverable losses associated with water leakage. This ensures water performance remains up to par while avoiding waste and damage that can arise from excessive water consumption. By scheduling regular leak detection services, businesses and municipalities can effectively prevent water loss, save money, and protect the environment, and you can do so by calling 816-835-4959.

‍Why Should You Choose GPRS for Leak Detection?

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) are ideal for accurate and efficient leak detection. With GPRS, you can expect precise mapping, isolation, and repair of underground utility lines. The radar signal used in GPRS can penetrate deep into the ground, allowing for the identification, location, and mapping of underground infrastructure and potential leaks. GPRS offers several advantages, including a greater depth range, faster installation times, and improved mapping accuracy compared to other techniques like magnetic detectors. GPRS technology excels in pinpointing the exact location and depth of leaks, making it the top choice for leak detection.
At Certified Water and Mold Restoration LLC, we specialize in water damage restoration, mold remediation, and leak detection services. With over 20 years in the industry, our certified technicians have the expertise to detect leaks using various methods efficiently.
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